Fiberglass Repair

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Fiberglass Repair - Our Specialty

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Accidents happen. Your once pristine fiberglass tub is now pockmarked from years of use and you feel the need to hide it from the view of company and friends who may wonder what you’ve done to it.

Never fear. There is no need to hide or replace your fiberglass tub or shower thanks to the fiberglass repair service offered by the professionals at Classic Bath Tub Refinishing Co. We can help you save money while you save face by repairing small chips, filling holes, or repairing leaks—and more.

Our process will restore the vitality to your tub so it once again is your favorite place to soak and relax. Classic Bath Tub Refinishing Co. brings nearly 40 years of experience to each fiberglass repair project, so you can be sure our work will more than meet your expectations.

Fiberglass is a handy and hardy substance, but it is vulnerable to battle scars that will come from daily family use. We also can help you determine if the damage is due to some other cause, like incorrect installation.

In our fiberglass repair process, we fill the crack or ding with either bondo or fiberglass resin and then buff it down and repaint the spot with a color-matching paint. Or we can completely resurface the tub which will ensure a perfect look. The choice is yours.

Bring your tub or shower out from behind the curtain with fiberglass repair service from Classic Bath Tub Refinishing Co. of Lynchburg, VA. Call us for an estimate.